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Drum And Lyre Corps

The Philippine Drum & Lyre Associates Incorporated PDLA Inc. is non-profit organization dedicated to the uplifting of Filipino Drum & LyreBell corps all over the country as well as raising the standards of excellence on the grounds of musicianship, sportsmanship, choreography, discipline, and camaraderie.

Marching movement of drum and lyre corps is also patterned after drum and bugle corps. Feet are lifted to equal heights and Marching band make frequent use of a "crab walk" marching style to move sideways, marching forward would have the heels hit the ground first and marching backwards will have the player on "tip-toe". Both are intended for quick body transition during fancy marching drills and in order to avoid accidents during parades and fancy drills.

Drum & Lyre corps Drill formations have also evolved from standard military style drill formations to a more artistic form which made full use of the field. These were introduced as of 1999 along with fancy choreography and unorthodox musical arrangements.

Drill formations which were not fully utilized until 1999:
  • Block formations
  • Hollow formations
  • Angular formations
  • Rotating formations
  • Follow the leader or snake formation
  • Abstract formations

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