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WOAI (AM): Personnel

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  • Charity McCurdy
  • Cari Laque
  • Megan Bishop

  • Jim Forsyth News Director
  • Michael Main Managing Editor
  • Michael Board
  • Joshua Cook
  • Berit Mason

  • Mike Taylor Host of Spurs post game "React"


  • Breeanna Malik, President and Market Manager
  • Brian Gann Director of AM Programming
  • Jim Forsyth News Director

Former Staff

  • Tom Rickhoff hosted "Judge Rickhoff On the Law"
  • Barclay Russell
  • Jay Howard
  • Chris Russell
  • Jack Riccardi
  • Chris Duel
  • Carl Wiglesworth
  • Bill McReynolds
  • Henry Guerra
  • George Jennings
  • Pat Rogers
  • John Rooke
  • Alan Dale
  • Matari Jones
  • Steve Soliz
  • Paul Ihander
  • Eliza Sonneland
  • Ed Chandler
  • Michael Snell
  • Jenna Rush traffic
  • Lauri Pearson traffic
  • Betsy Britton traffic

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