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Viv Graham

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Viv Graham 1959 - 31 December 1993 was a British mobster and former amateur heavyweight boxer, who spent his formative years in Rowlands Gill, a village on the outskirts of the Tyneside conurbation. After quitting boxing, Graham became a bouncer, and with his irrefutable abilities, ended up operating an empire of doormen, and 'protecting' various licensed premises in central Newcastle, the city’s East End, and the Wallsend area. Graham became a reputed organized crime figure in Newcastle, and he was involved in extortion and racketeering, although his services were also known to have been in great demand. These activities brought Graham a very large income, although a lot of his wealth was lost to his penchant for gambling.

After his release, he broke all ties with his former associates, and a prolonged, bitter dispute ensued. Later he was back in court receiving a suspended sentence for an assault in which Graham is said to have 'punched a man senseless', and he survived several attempts on his life during this period. However, on New Year's Eve 1993, he was ambushed whilst returning to his car from The Anchor Public House, Wallsend High Street, the windows of his Ford Sierra Cosworh had been broken so as to make Graham hessitate before entering the vehicle. He was shot three times by an unidentified gunman, and died four hours later in hospital. Viv Graham had often prophetically anticipated that he, "wouldn't see 40". He had curtailed the activities of several narcotics based gangs by refusing them access to the pubs and clubs that employed him, and he was known to never carry a firearm.

In 1998 Northumbria Police questioned five men about an alleged conspiracy to murder the bouncer.

Despite an informant naming the killer and confessing to his role as a 'getaway' driver, no-one has ever been brought to justice, and as of 2014, the murder remains unsolved.

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