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USS Piedmont: Vietnam War Activity

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Vietnam War Activity

Left for Westpac tour fall of 1971, for ship repairs of all kinds on ships of all kinds, visiting Subic Bay Naval Base in Philippines for most of the 7 months. Other ports visited were Kaohsiung, Taiwan and Hong Kong for R & R, and Pearl Harbor on the way overseas to load weapons and upon return trip to leave weapons. Returned to Long Beach spring/summer of 1972.

Left for Westpac tour winter of 1972/1973 for ship repairs of all kinds on ships of all kinds,. Ports visited were Subic Bay for most of the 9 month tour. Other ports visited were Hong Kong for R & R, Kaohsiung, Taiwon and Sasebo, Japan and Yokasuka, Japan and Da Nang, Vietnam and Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Pearl was for loading weapons on way to Asia and off load of weapons on return to States.

Upon returning to the States, Piedmont went to dry dock in San Pedro, California for refurbishing in preparation to change home port to Naples from Long beach. Piedmont left in late fall/early winter for Naples via Panama Canal and Norfolk, Virginia.

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