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Tora Ni Bau

There are three confederacies in the Fijian Traditional Government. Kubuna, Tovata and Burebasaga.

One of the two PARAMOUNT chiefly tribes in the KUBUNA Confederacy is the TORA NI BAU. The other is the VUNIVALU OF BAU.

The first known documented and installed TORA NI BAU was Ratu Virivirilau who was installed in Delaibatiki-Kubuna, Bau. Seven other TORA NI BAU were also installed and resided in Tailevu along the eastern coast of VitiLevu. The following eight holders of the TORA NI BAU title relocated and resided in the chiefly island of Batiki in the Lomaiviti province.

The traditional TORA NI BAU lineage was empowered by the strong traditional ties of warriors BATI which included the chiefly tribes of Waimaro in the Naitasiri province and Verata of Tailevu province, including other warrior tribes along the coast of Tailevu and Ra. From the Lomaiviti province, warrior BATI linkages were led by the warrior clans of Sawaieke in Gau, and Cawa in Koro island.

Traditional protocol between some Chiefs and warriors Bati, is the Chief's abstinence of consumption of fish in the presence of warriors, and the abstinence of pork for the warriors in the presence of their chiefs. This is still somewhat practiced today, and was also one of the reasons the eighth TORA NI BAU, Ratu Isireli Mocelakolako relocated to the island of Batiki in the Lomaiviti group.

The TORA NI BAU is closely linked to the VUNIVALU OF BAU. This was strengthened by the marriage of Ratu Seru Cakobau's eldest daughter Adi Viniana to the known tenth TORA NI BAU, Ratu Josaia Loloma.

The following are known documented names of "installed" TORA NI BAU holders. NOTE: Title holders who were not traditionally installed are not named on this list.

Ratu Virivirilau - installed in Delaibatiki-Kubuna, Bau.

Ratu Sigaruarua - installed in Driti - Vugalei, Tailevu.

Ratu Vatucicila - installed in Nakorolevu - Namara, Tailevu.

Ratu Qiolele - installed in Nakorolevu - Nakoromakawa, Tailevu.

Ratu Sevanaia Vuinaruwai - installed in Nakorolevu - Nakoromakawa, Tailevu...NOTE: Beginning of CHRISTIANITY, also note introduction of Christian name

Ratu Josaia Milamila - installed in Nakoromakawa, Tailevu.

Ratu Vuiwakaya - installed in Nakoromakawa, Tailevu.

Ratu Isireli Mocelakolako- installed in Nakoromakawa, Tailevu. Relocated to the chiefly island of Batiki, Lomaivit.

Ratu Timoci Rakavali - installed in Mua, Batiki, Lomaiviti.

Ratu Josaia Loloma - installed in Mua, Batiki, Lomaiviti.

Ratu Emasi Caucau - installed in Mua, Batiki, Lomaiviti.

Ratu Jope Sigaruarua - installed in Mua, Batiki, Lomaiviti.

Ratu Isireli Mocelakolako Caucau - installed in Mua, Batiki, Lomaiviti...Former president of the Methodist church in Fiji and Rotuma.


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