Friday, May 22, 2015
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Timber Framing: Disadvantages


Traditional Or Historic Structures

In terms of the traditional half-timber or fachwerkhaus there are maybe more disadvantages than advantages today. Such houses are notoriously expensive to maintain let alone renovate and restore, most commonly owing to local regulations that do not allow divergence from the original, modification or incorporation of modern materials.

Additionally, in such nations as Germany, where energy efficiency is highly regulated, the renovated building may be required to meet modern energy efficiencies, if it is to be used as a residential or commercial structure museums and significant historic buildings have no semi-permanent habitade exempt. Many framework houses of significance are treated merely to preserve, rather than render inhabitable  - most especially as the required heavy insecticidal fumigation is highly poisonous.

A summary of problems with Fachwerkhäuser or half-timbered houses includes the following, though many can be avoided by intelligent design and application of suitable paints and surface treatments and routine maintenance. Often, though when dealing with a structure of a century or more old, it is too late.

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