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The Devil And Tom Walker: Plot Summary

Plot Summary

Burdened with this secret, he mentions it to his wife. When he is not there, Tom's wife takes all the valuables in the house and goes to make a deal with Old Scratch. When Tom goes in search of his wife and property, all he can find of her is her heart and liver in her apron tied to a tree.

Tom never tires of swindling people out of money, until he suddenly becomes fearful about the afterlife. Tom buys a big house but never furnishes it even though he has the money to do so. He then starts to become fiercely dedicated to God, always keeping two Bibles at hand.

Tom Walker is then taken away by the Devil on the back of a black horse which rides toward the old fortress and disappears in lightning. Tom is never seen again. All his assets vanish and his house burns to the ground. The money Tom has made turns into wood chips because it was useless. His ghost haunts the site of the old fortress since that day.

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