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Snuffy Smith: Characters And Story

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Characters And Story

Barney Google

Spark Plug

Who's the most important man this country ever knew?

:Who's the man our presidents tell all their troubles to?

:I'm mighty proud that I'm allowed a chance to introduce:

Barney Google - with the goo, goo, googly eyes,

:Barney Google - bet his horse would win the prize;

:When the horses ran that day,

:Spark Plug ran the other way!

:Barney Google - with the goo-goo-googly eyes!

Who's the greatest lover that this country ever knew?

:When he arrives, who makes the wives chase all their husbands out?

Barney Google - with the goo-goo-googly eyes,

:Barney Google - had a wife three times his size;

:She sued Barney for divorce,

:Now he’s sleeping with his horse!

:Barney Google - with the goo-goo-googly eyes!

Snuffy Smith

Snuffy was so popular that his name was added to the strip's title in the late 1930s. Eventually, Barney Google himself left Hootin' Holler in 1954 to return to the city, and was essentially written out of the strip except as a very occasional visitor. Google has appeared extremely rarely in the feature since the mid-1950s, but returned to Hootin' Holler for a visit in a series of strips beginning on February 19, 2012, with occasional visits since. Prior to 2012, Google had not appeared in the strip since January 5, 1997, a span of over 15 years.

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