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Smiley's Happyland

William Nunley never got the chance to see Happyland in operation: he died in April 1951, six months before the park opened on October 12, 1951. His wife Miriam took over management of Happyland and the other family properties and remained involved in their operation, with partner Norman Russell, for years to come.

The Smiley's Happyland Park was owned by Mildred Tarnow later by her husband John Tarnow after she died and the Giddens family. John Tarnow ran the park as well as kept the carousel and other rides in good mechanical shape. The Jolly Roger restaurant which had never been known as Nunley's changed its name to "Robin Hood" in 1974. While the name of the restaurant changed, in the restaurant, everything else was the same. The restaurant as Robin Hood closed in 1976, and the park followed in 1978. Some sources say 1977.

The site is now occupied by a strip mall.

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