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Selchow And Righter

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Their first hit was Parcheesi, which they purchased the rights to in 1870 and trademarked in 1874. In 1952 they licensed Scrabble from James Brunot, then purchased that trademark in 1972. A similar game to Cluedo in which 6 players move around the board as investigators, obtaining opportunities to view other player's "alibi" tokens and collecting other "clues" to the identify of the murderer, weapon used, room in which committed, and a new category: motive. Whodunit draws on a similar setting and character types, including a colonel and maid, but in which the suspects are not the players.
  • "Mr. Ree!" 1937
  • "Prospecting"
  • "Super Market"
  • "Blast Off"
  • "Games Galore!"
  • "Globe-Trotters"
  • "Home Team Baseball"
  • "Huggin' The Rail"
  • "Snake Eyes"
  • "Ur: Royal Game of Sumer".
  • Selchow and Righter was purchased by Coleco Industries in 1986 for million USD in cash and notes. Coleco Industries purchased the games from Selchow & Righter, but not the trademark of the company's name. The trademark for "Righter" in the commercial use of games and entertainment remains under the control of the Righter Family; specifically, Philip Righter, the 2x great grandson of John Righter, the company's original co-founder.

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