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Rasa Sayang: Lyrics

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aitakatta, aitakatta, aitakatta, yes aitakatta, aitakatta, aitakatta, yes! denganmu,
bersepeda ku menanjaki bukit itu,
sekuat tenaga ku kayuh pedalnya! angin pun mulai menghembus kemejaku,
ku rasa masih kurang cepat,
akhirnya ku sadari perasaan sebenarnya. ingin jalani sejujurnya,
hanya di jalan ini ku akan terus berlari,
kamu berharga lebih dari siapa pun,
walau kau tolak tak akan ku sesali. kamu berharga lebih dari siapa pun,
tadinya ku ingin ungkapkan rasa ini,
jika ku suka kan ku katakan suka,
tak ku tutupi ku katakan sejujurnya jika ku suka kan ku katakan suka,
dari hatiku dengan tulus ku katakan,
lalalalala lalalalalalala,
lalalalala lalalalalalala.
lalalalala lalalalalalala.
lalalalala lalalalalalala.
I've got that loving feeling, hey! ,
I've got that loving feeling, hey! ,
See that girl in the distance,
I've got that loving feeling hey!, The cempedak fruit is outside the fence,
Take a pole and poke it down,
I'm just a new guy trying to learn,
So if i'm wrong then please tell me. Pandan island far in midst,
With the three peaked Daik mountain,
While the body decomposes in earth,
Good deeds remain to be remembered. Two or three cats are running around,
With the striped one which can vie,
Two or three I can find,
Which man can compare with you. Pisang emas brought on a sailing trip,
One ripens on a box,
If gold is owed, it can be repaid,
But if it is gratitude, it is carried to the grave.
Malay lyrics Literal English translation

There are a number of versions of the lyrics of "Rasa Sayang", but it usually starts with this refrain:

:Rasa sayang-sayang hey,

:Lihat nona dari jauh,

:Rasa sayang-sayang, hey

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