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RKO Forty Acres

RKO Forty Acres
1965 aerial photo of the Forty Acres property, looking west. Desilu Studios can be seen in the background
Description Film backlot
Acreage 28.5
Location Culver City, California
Leased 1927
Sold 1976
Studios in charge
1927 Cecil B. DeMille leased from Harry Culver
1928 – 1948 RKO Pathé
1935 – 1939 Selznick International Pictures leased from RKO
1948 – 1955 RKO under Howard Hughes
1955 – 1957 RKO General under General Tire and Rubber Company
1957 – 1966 Desilu
1967 Paramount
1968 Perfect Film and Chemical
1969 – 1976 OSF Industries Limited

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