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Pineview Reservoir: History


The Ogden City Conduit is fed by a 72 and 75-inch 1.83 and 1.91 m conduit at 2,300 cubic feet per second 65 m³/s. A stillout is fed from the same conduit through a 60-inch 1.5 m outlet. A wye adapter on the conduit allows additional discharge into the stillout, while conduit feeds the Ogden City filtration plant located downstream. At 4.7 miles 7.6 km down the Ogden River Canyon, the Ogden River Conduit splits into the Ogden-Brigham and South Ogden Highline canals. The Highline canal is fed through a 36-inch 0.91 m diameter, 360 ft 110 m long steel siphon suspended across the mouth of the canyon. The Ogden-Brigham canal has a flow rate of approximately 120 cubic feet per second 3.4 m³/s, while the Highline canal flows at 35 cubic feet per second 1.0 m³/s over 5.2 miles 8.4 km.

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