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Mobile Public Affairs Detachment: Army Reserve Units

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Army Reserve Units

There are 16 MPADs in the Army Reserve.
Unit Location
367th MPAD Whitehall, Ohio
362nd MPAD Londonderry, N.H.
326th MPAD Reading, Penn.
354th MPAD Moon Township, Penn.
214th MPAD Richmond, Va.
210th MPAD Garner, N.C.
319th MPAD Ft. Jackson, S.C.
372nd MPAD Nashville, Tenn.
300th MPAD Ft. Gillem, Ga.
215th MPAD New Orleans, La.
343rd MPAD North Little Rock, Ark.
345th PAD Ft. Sam Houston, Texas
211th MPAD Bryan, Texas
305th MPAD Ft. Shafter, Hawaii

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