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List Of Hospitals In Sudan

Ad-Damazin HospitalAd-Damazin
Al Baraha HospitalKhartoum2002
Al Jawda HospitalKhartoum
Al Shaab HospitalKhartoum
Al-Amal HospitalKhartoum
Al-Faisal aka Elfaisal Specialised HospitalKhartoum
Bahry HospitalKhartoum
El-Ban Jadeed HospitalKhartoum
Fedail HospitalKhartoum1992
Ibn Khaldoun HospitalKhartoum
Jafar Ibn Auf Pediatric HospitalKhartoum
Khartoum HospitalKhartoum
International HospitalKhartoum1993
Sahiroon Specialised HospitalKhartoum
Soba University HospitalKhartoum1975
Yastabshiron Medical CenterKhartoum
Mother of Mercy HospitalNuba Mountains2008
Altigany Almahy HospitalOmdurman1950
Omdurman Maternity HospitalOmdurman1957
Wad Medani Teaching HospitalWad Medani

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