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List Of Brahmin Gotras

All members of a particular gotra are believed to possess certain common characteristics by way of nature or profession. Many theories have been propounded to explain this system. According to the brahminical theory, the Brahmins are the direct descendants of seven or eight sages who are believed to be the mind-born sons of Brahma. They are Gautama, Bharadvaja, Vishvamitra, Jamadagni, Vashista, Kashyapa and Atri. To this list, Agasthya is also sometimes added. These eight sages are called gotrakarins from whom all the 49 gotras especially of the Brahmins have evolved. For instance, from Atri sprang the Atreya and Gavisthiras gotras.

For example, Jatts in Northern India have 2500 Gotras, Gujjars in Uttar pradesh have 3000 Gotras and Mudirajas of Andhra Pradesh & Tamil Nadu have 2600 Gotras.

Gotra is always passed on from father to children among most Hindus. However, among Malayalis and Tulus it is passed on from mother to children.

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