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Junior Commissioned Officer

Due to their long years of service and experience, officers accord JCOs great respect and influence, especially in cases involving the enlisted ranks, their welfare and morale. Another custom religiously followed is that a JCO is never addressed using just his name or rank. The word saheb master is added as a suffix e.g.: "Subedar Saheb" or Saheb.

The JCO ranks in the Indian Army and Pakistan Army from highest to lowest are:
The JCO equivalent or chief petty officer ranks in the Indian Navy and Pakistan Navy are:
The JCO equivalent or warranted ranks in the Indian Air Force and Pakistan Air Force are:

While Army JCOs receive a parchment from the president on commissioning, naval chief petty officer ranks and the air force warrant officer ranks receive a presidential warrant on promotion. This is a certificate issued on behalf of the President of India or the President of Pakistan to authenticate the promotion of a sailor to the chief rank, an airman to warrant rank. The warrant is made on pre-printed stationery written by hand.

All army JCOs, navy chief petty officers and air force warrant ranks JWO to MWO are group B officers with class-II gazetted status. Army JCOs, navy chief petty officers and air force WOs are authorized salutes including rifle salutesif given by the soldiers, Sailors and Airmen. while Indian air force MWO, navy chief petty officers are not authorized any form of salute. The status of class-II gazetted officer is bestowed on them from the date of granting such rank irrespective of when they physically receive the presidential warrant. All JCOs are authorized to attest any legal document or certificate, and can initiate the arrest of any person whom they deem has violated the constitution.

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