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Hlubi People: Hlubi Kings

Hlubi Kings

Below is a traditional estimation of the Hlubi Kings that ruled from 1300 until now. Note that Hlubi history comes mainly from oral sources and the dates below should not be taken as historically accurate.

King Reign
Chibi 1300–1325
Lubelo 1325–1350
Busobengwe Bhungane I 1350–1370
Fulathel’ilangjuhja 1370–1390
Bhele 1390–1410
Lufelelwenja 1410–1430
Sidwabasenkomo 1430–1450
Mhuhu 1450–1475
Mpembe 1475–1500
Mhlanga 1500–1525
Musi 1525–1550
Masoka 1550–1575
Ndlovu 1575–1600
Dlamini 1600–1625
Mthimkhulu I 1625–1650
Ncobo and later, Hadebe 1650–1675
Dlomo I 1675–1710
Mashiya 1710–1720
Ntsele 1735–1760
Bhungane II 1760–1800
Mthimkhulu II Ngwadlazibomvu 1800–1818
Dlomo II and later, Mthethwa commonly known as Langalibalele I 1839–1889
Siyephu Mandiza 1897–1910
Tatazela Mthunzi 1926–1956

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