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Economy Of Armenia: Domestic Business Environment

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Domestic Business Environment

Armenia's economy is competitive to a few extent with government-connected individuals enjoying de facto monopolies over the import and distribution of basic commodities and foodstuffs, and under-reporting revenue to avoid paying taxes.

Despite pronouncements at the highest levels of government on the importance of free competition, Armenia is next to last in the effectiveness of its anti-monopoly policy according to the 2010 results of the World Economic Forum Global Competitiveness Report.


Major monopolies in Armenia include:
  • Natural gas import and distribution, held by ArmRosGazprom ARG controlled by Russian monopoly Gazprom
  • Armenia's railway, held by the Russian-owned South Caucasus Railway SCR formerly Russia’s state-run rail company, RZD
  • Oilimport and distribution claimed by Armenian opposition parties to belonging to a handful of government-linked individuals, one of which - "Mika Limited" - is owned by Mikhail Baghdasarian, while the other - "Flash" - is owned by Barsegh Beglarian, a "prominent representative of the Karabakh clan"
  • # Aviation kerosene supplying to Zvartnots airport, held by Mika Limited
  • Various basic foodstuffs such as rice, sugar, wheat, cooking oil and butter the Salex Group enjoys a de facto monopoly on imports of wheat, sugar, flour, butter and cooking oil. Its owner is parliament deputy Samvel Aleksanian a.k.a. "Lfik Samo" a figure close to the country’s leadership.
  • Newspaper distribution, held by Haymamul some newspaper editors believe that Haymamul deliberately refuses to print more newspaper copies in order to minimize the impact of unfavorable press coverage of the government
Former major monopolies in Armenia include:
  • Wireless mobile telephony, held by Armentel until 2004
  • Internet access, held by Armentel until September 2006
  • Fixed-line telephony, held by Armentel until August 2007

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