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Cebuano Literature: History

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In 1936 Cebuano writers started publishing anthologies; readers engaged in amateur literary criticism; and complaints of plagiarism livened up the weekly news. Periodicals that featured creative writing mushroomed, although most of these were short-lived.

Aside from the reinvigoration of Bisaya Magasin, Cebu-based publishing houses have also started tabloids in the language Banat News of Freeman Publications and SunStar SuperBalita of SunStar Publications. These tabloids have bigger circulation than their English counterparts.

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  • Alburo, Erlinda. "Gardeopatra Quijano's 'Lourdes': The Nascent of the Feminist Cebuano Novel". Budaya Vol. 1, p. 1-3. Manila: G&D Publishing, 2003

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