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Camp Tousey

Camp rituals included bugle calls, group assemblies, and non-denominational Christian chapel and vespers. Evening campfire gatherings would include the telling of ghost stories and group singing accompanied by guitar. Some staff members were talented guitarists. Each campfire gathering would end with the singing of the Camp Tousey Anthem, followed immediately by the singing of Taps.

For Every Camp Has a Legend,

That Goes from Year to Year

To which we pledge allegiance,

And always cherish dear,

But of all the other idols,

There is but one that stands the test,

That's good Old Camp Tousey,

The Symbol of the Best!

Hail Our Camp Tousey,

With A strong cheer,

Hail all the friendships,

That we cherish dear,

Fight for her honor,

And glorify her name.

During the 1960s, each summer was divided into four two-week periods, and campers would typically stay for one period, although it was possible to stay for more. Campers and their gear were usually brought by chartered bus from a shopping center parking lot in Syracuse to the camp.

To many campers disappointment, Camp Tousey was abruptly shut down after the summer of 1990. The shut down was blamed on declining registrations at the camp. The Syracuse YMCA sold the property in 1997. It is unknown what the campgrounds are being used for today.

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