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Batibot: Characters

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Muppet Characters

  • Koko Kwik-Kwak, or Koko for short, is a four-year-old bird-child inspired by Pag-asa, the first Philippine eagle hatched under laboratory conditions. Koko symbolizes hope pag-asa, the future and a cleaner and greener world. Koko also represents every Filipino child, the young population who shall inherit the earth and hopefully will do a better job in caring for the environment. Five feet and ten inches tall, he wears an ethnic-inspired beanie cap with a propeller made of green leaves. When Koko becomes excited, the propeller spins. He also wears an orange, long-sleeved turtleneck with a letter K in front of his shirt, as well as a moss green pair of puruntong shorts with dark, geometric figures or, sometimes, an apple green long pants, combined with lavender high-cut rubber shoes. Like any healthy, active four-year old, Koko is very confident and likes to play, sing, dance, listen to stories, explore the world and discover things, places and people. He is full of curiosity. And he likes green, leafy vegetables, fresh organic food, fruits and nuts.

  • Manang Bola, Madam Bola the forgetful fortuneteller. Although she still relies too much on her crystal ball, she still, however, ostensibly helps children and other guests in finding answers to questions by helping themselves on their own. Her "Bola" name, literally "ball" in Filipino, is a possible reference to the slang for "flattery" or "puffery." She calls her crystal ball "perlas na bilog," or round pearl. She divines the future by chanting "Perlas na bilog, huwag tutulog-tulog; sabihin agad sa akin ang sagot" and "ba-be-bi-bo-bu", teaching vowels in the process. Manang Bola is one of the original muppets of the show.

  • Kapitan Basa, a superhero that loves to read. He solves language-related problems caused by his nemesis, Patlang-Palit.

  • Sitsiritsit and Alibangbang, two inquisitive space aliens who take delight in discovering things, places and people around them. Inspired from the nursery rhyme "Sitsiritsit, Alibangbang".

  • Ningning and Gingging, the sisters. Ningning is the eldest girl, the serious type, while Gingging is younger and the playful one between the two siblings.

  • Irma Daldal, a stage-struck, faddish, shallow and cheap actress, although she believes she is the most talented person in show business. Her name is a word play on madaldal, which is the Filipino for "talkative."

  • Tikyo Tiktilaok is Irma Daldal's usual male partner. He and Irma are part of the original muppet cast of the show.

  • Direk, a movie-and-television director, who tries everything to make a star out of his main protégé, the actress Irma Daldal. Appearance and occupation inspired by Batibot's real-life director, Kokoy Jimenez.

  • Sultan Parachibum, a datu or chieftain who, with the help of his grandchildren acting as his official advisers, always tries his best to solve the many problems in his sultanate known as Agamanyog.
  • Newscasts
  • Noli de Kasyo, the journalistic reporter and interviewer who because of taking himself too seriously, always ends up doing all sorts of interviews about various objects, muppets and people. Inspired from a TV anchorman and former Vice President Noli de Castro.

This Sign That are Puppets was aired on November 27, 2010 on TV5.

Former Characters

  • Pong Pagong, a clumsy, pink full-body turtle wearing a baseball cap.
  • Kiko Matsing, a brown monkey version of Sesame Street's Oscar.
  • Kuya Derms, a host of "Negoshowbiz" from the GMA-7's show, "Negosiyete". Inspired from a TV-host German Moreno aka "Kuya Germs".
  • Angelique Baso, a host of "Balitang Bituin". Inspired from a TV journalist Angelique Lazo.

Human Characters

Former Sesame Philippines Human Characters

  • Aling Nena Big Sister Nena, played by Anggie Ferro
  • Ate Sylvia Big Sister Sylvia, played by Susan Africa
  • Luz, played by Dessa Quesada
  • Mang Lino Big Brother Lino, played by Joe Gruta
  • Ben, played by Tito Quesada
  • JD, played by Bunso

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