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92 KQRS Morning Show: Former Show Members

Former Show Members

Bob Sansevere

Brian Zepp

Abruptly left the KQRS morning show on the 27th of September, 2013 after an unscheduled four day absence of host Tom Barnard. Barnard had previously stated both on-air and on Twitter, "Either he goes or I go" in reference to Zepp. The nature of Barnard's dispute with Zepp was never made public. Zepp was quoted as saying, "I look forward to forgetting what it was like to work with Barnard." Brian Zepp is currently the afternoon drive4pm to 7pm host on KQRS.

Tony Lee

Tony is now a creative person for ESPN 1500. You may hear a Tony Tune or two there.

Mike Stretch Gelfand

John Jay-Bee Blackshear

Jay-Bee was a member of the Morning show from 1993 to 2002, Jay-Bee was the original African American of the Show.

With his voice of reason takes or silly stunts, Jay-Bee could be counted on for a good chuckle. Jay-Bee was best known for his Black football picks, where he rivaled Stretch's football picks. Jay-Bee is now part on the Morning show and is working for the University of Minnesota Athletic Dept. as an Equipment Manager.

Justin Severson

Brittany Hagan

Barely on the show, actually answered the phones and said like three words on-air a week, but MAN was she amazing at answering those calls. "Best in the Biz", said EVERYONE. Most known for her drop that "Throttle me Billiam" played, "It's Britney Bitch". Brittany's ROCKETING career was abruptly stopped by a freak accident of some innocent autoerotic asphyxiation, her body was found at the The Louvre. Every year the ole gang gets together and does a 5k in her honor, they can still feel her judgmental soul not approving of their work attire. Throttle me Billiam STILL dawns a sweatband on his arm to pay his respects to his BWB Best Work Bud. He's never taken it off.

Mark Rosen

Mark Curtis


Dan Culhane

Culhane - originally a co-host during the show's "Tom and Dan" days - was dropped from the show under uncertain circumstances in 1987. He's worked around the radio industry ever since, currently serving as production director for CBS's local stations, including News Radio 830 WCCO and Buz'n @ 102.9.

Bryce Crousore

Bryce left the show in April 2011 to care for his mother. He was not fired and there was no contract dispute. Although it is worth mentioning that Barnard, frustrated with Bryce's humor, had his microphone removed with no notice. Following that show Bryce told management he was taking a leave of absence.

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